Who has endorsed the Bike Grid?

This election season we are urging Chicago's candidates for Mayor and Alderperson to endorse our vision for a Bike Grid by pledging to:

  • Support a vision for 10% (450mi+) of Chicago streets to be bike and pedestrian prioritized
  • Require CDOT to implement Bike Grid streets with bike priority signage, slow streets design, and prioritize historically disinvested community areas
  • Require monthly meetings where CDOT reports on status of the Bike Grid rollout
  • Urge Illinois State Legislature to allow for 10mph speed limits in Chicago; and
  • Update Chicago municipal code to allow 10mph speed limits, applied to Bike Grid streets

Help us demand safer streets by asking candidates to endorse out platform. Send an email to candidates who haven't endorsed yet by signing our petition here: petition.bikegridnow.org.

Are you a candidate for office and want more information? Email us at: grassroots@bikegridnow.org.

*Candidates are listed alphabetically by first name within the office they are running for

Candidates in the Runoff

Office Name Endorsed The Bike Gird? Link
Mayor Brandon Johnson ✅ Yes Get Involved
Mayor Paul Vallas ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 01 Alder Daniel La Spata ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 10 Alder Ana Guajardo ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 30 Alder Jessica Gutiérrez ✅ Yes Get Involved!
Ward 36 Alder Lori Torres Whitt ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 43 Alder Brian Comer ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 43 Alder Timmy Knudsen ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 46 Alder Angela Clay ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 46 Alder Kim Walz ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 48 Alder Joe Dunne ✅ Yes Get Involved
Ward 48 Alder Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth ✅ Yes Get Involved