Call to Action - Belmont Resurface Jam

Call CDOT and Ald. Tom Tunney to demand a better Belmont

Wednesday, September 7

Below is a call script you can use to call:


Hi, my name is [your name] and I recently attended a bike ride for safe streets on Belmont Avenue hosted by Chicago, Bike Grid Now, Better Streets Chicago, Urban Environmentalists, and Chicago Family Biking. I am concerned that your office isn't doing enough to protect pedestrians, cyclists, or transit riders, especially on the Belmont Avenue Corridor. All Belmont street projects should include Protected Bike Lanes and Intersections. If CDOT thinks a street is too dangerous for cyclists, they should make it safer with protection. People who bike need to safely travel to destinations like the Merlo library, businesses in Lakeview and other communities, and our lady of Mount Carmel. This is a continuation of CDOT's refusal to create a city-wide connected network of protected bike lanes. Bus riders also deserve features to improve reliability, speed, safety, and comfort. Over 2,000 emails have been sent by Chicagoans making these demands to Alderman Tunney, Alderman Waguespack, CDOT Commissionder Gia Biagi, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot. We have heard silence. We expect better from our leaders. Thank you.

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