S Halsted Bike Bus – Run 3

10/12/2022 7:40am

Bike Buses are our way of creating a safer way to get around where the city fails to provide protective infrastructure. We mass up in numbers and ride together as a group, safety in numbers. Track the bike bus here

Bus Schedule

Cafe Jumping Bean
(1439 S 18th St)
7:40 am – 7:55 am
18th / Carpenter7:59 am
18th / Halsted8:02 am
Halsted / 14th Place8:04 am
Halsted / Roosevelt8:07 am
Halsted / Harrison8:10 am
Halsted / Jackson8:13 am
Halsted / Washington8:17 am
Chicago French Market
(131 N Clinton St)
8:20 am