What's a Bike Grid?

Chicago could have a network of safe, slow streets in the near future.

Monday, September 19

A safe and slow residential street

10% of Chicago streets at 10mph. That's at least 450 miles of streets, primarily on residential streets. First, rapidly deploy temporary and affordable infrastructure to calm traffic. Followup with more permanent infrastructure, including planters, jersey barriers, traffic diverters, chicanes, curbs, bumpouts, speed humps.

To get this we need a couple of things from our elected officials:

1. Sponsor/vote for an ordinance that would require the CDOT commissioner to install rapid and affordable traffic calming infrastructure on at least 450mi of streets as part of a connected network of safe and slow residential streets.

2. Require CDOT to report rollout of Bike Grid on a monthly basis.

3. Sponsor/vote to change llinois State Vehicle Code to allow for 10mph speed limits, current minimum is 20mph.

4. Sponsor/vote to change Chicago Municipal Code to reflect new state code.

CDOT's Shared Streets Program is a great example of how rapid deployment and temporary infrastructure can create meaningful change. The placement of inexpensive, construction barrels, and signage instantly transformed sections of residential streets into low-stress bike and pedestrian facilities. But it can't stop there and we certainly can't let a vocal minority get in the way of a safer, more equitable, healthier, and better city. We will keep organizing till it happens.