Bills and Proposed Legislation

Illinois General Assembly Bills

Witness slips show our State Senators and Representatives what we think about legislation that is making its way through the General Assembly. It is a critical part of how they pitch bills to their colleagues or note that changes need to be made.

Create IL GA account to auto-fill your information. For each submission, mark yourself as a proponent or opponent and select ‘Record Of Appearance Only’ under testimony. Under ‘Persons, groups firms represented…’ you may enter ‘Self’ or ‘Chicago, Bike Grid Now!’.

Current Bills and Other Legislation

BillSummaryInfo PositionShow Support!
SB3202ACT NOW! Better classifies bike lanes built in Illinois and creates a standard for bike transportation plans that municipalities can create.More Info✅ProponentSign Here
ACT NOW! Hearing on lowering Chicago’s default speed limit to 25mph in the Committee on Pedestrian/Traffic SafetyMore Info✅ProponentSend an Email to the Committee

Send an email to your Alder
HB3530Change default speed limit in urban areas from 30mph to 20mph. Changing speed limits can make streets safer.More Info✅ProponentSign Here
HR0438Urge CDOT and IDOT to design DLSD as a Boulevard, not as a highway!More Info✅ProponentTHIS PASSED!
HB3649Idaho Stop! Cyclists may proceed through stop signs without stopping if intersection is clear. This improves safety!More Info✅ProponentSign Here

Our Legislative Demands

There are several city and state level legislation needed to make our streets safer and the Bike Grid a reality.

  1. City – Require CDOT design and implement a city-wide “Community Streets” network
    • City Council can require that CDOT design and build a Bike Grid…NOW!
  2. State – Bring the ‘Idaho Stop’ to Illinois
    • Permit cyclists to safely travel through intersections without coming to complete stop when traffic permits
  3. State – Legalize contraflow riding
    • Permit cyclists to safely ride contraflow on all one-way streets
  4. State – Remove double file biking and impeding traffic requirements (link)
    • Current state law allows police to penalize cyclists who ride more than one abreast if the officer determines they are impeding traffic, including on side streets
  5. State – Expansion of home rule on speed limits
    1. State law requires a traffic study to lower speed limits under 25 mph and don’t allow cities to lower speed limits under 20mph