bike grid now jam: Logan Square monument on August 24 2023 at 5:30 pm
bike grid now jam: Logan Square monument on August 24 2023 at 5:30 pm

Logan Square Bike Jam

08/27/2023 5:30pm


Robust community inputters! We are tired of the City drawing up plans that don’t do enough to protect vulnerable road users.

Even worse? When they consider it and toss out protected lanes because…parking? It’s challenging?

Unacceptable! It’s time to jam it up.

The city is developing plans for a refurbished Logan Square Blue Line station… including bike lanes on Milwaukee to Belmont.

While the city did consider adding protected bike lanes, those plans were abandoned after “robust community input”.

To top it all off, the “robust” community input comprised of 30 people. 13 of which said they wanted protected lanes vs 10 who said dashed lanes were enough.

Fatality and injury data is clear, dashed lanes aren’t enough.

Even CDOT designs show a truck in the dashed bike lane!!

truck in bikelane from cdot graphic

Pushing aside the concerns that vulnerable road users have over traffic violence is unconscionable as drivers continue to kill people at record numbers.

88 people have been killed so far this year. Over 150 people in 2022. We need to build better infra.

Tweet between Alder Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Liz, where the alder claims they had robust public input, and Liz states said input was 30 people total, with 13 for protected, 10 for striped, and 7 for parking.

We will send CDOT back to the drawing board to pull out a better design for a protected bike lane. Nothing less will suffice.