Milwaukee Bike Bus – Commuters Take Action Edition

09/14/2022 7:30am

Join us at 7:30 am on Wednesday at New Wave Coffee for our 4th run of the Milwaukee Bike Bus! Tired of buses and trains running late? This time we’ll be ending the bus at CTA headquarters for the I’m Late Protest with Commuters Take Action. Help us tell President Dorval how tired we are of late buses and trains and the lack of reliable service!

The schedule is the same as last week. We’ll be meeting at New Wave Coffee at 7:30 am, rolling out at 7:45 am. We’ll be in the loop at 8:20 am.


New Wave Coffee7:30 am – 7:45 am
Milwaukee / California (in front of Cozy Corner)7:47 am
Milwaukee / Leavitt (606 Trail Connection)7:54 am
Milwaukee / Damen7:56 am
Damen / Division8:00 am
Damen / Augusta8:02 am
Damen / Hubbard8:06 am
Hubbard / Halsted8:15 am
Halsted / Fulton8:17 am
CTA Headquarters8:20 am