bike grid now jam: Logan Square monument on August 24 2023 at 5:30 pm

Logan Square Bike Jam

08/27/2023 5:30pm


Robust community inputters! We are tired of the City drawing up plans that don’t do enough to protect vulnerable road users.

Even worse? When they consider it and toss out protected lanes because…parking? It’s challenging?


friday morning swim club cancelled flier

We are sadly ending our Bike Bus to Friday Morning Swim Club for the season.

08/18/2023 6:30am

We are sadly ending our Bike Bus to Friday Morning Swim Club for the season due to increased motor vehicle traffic, driver aggression, and lack of safe infra.

Formal statement coming soon.

In the meantime, join Friday Morning Fish Club…

A Taste of The Grid

08/06/2023 9:00am

Join us this Sunday as we explore what riding a bike in Chicago could be like on The Grid.

We’ll be riding (~10mph) this loop twice, so feel free to hang out at the Glenwood Sunday Market from 9:55-11AM, we’ll…

Chicago Fire Bike Bus

07/15/2023 4:15pm

Roll from Lakeview, Logan Square, or Promontory Point to the Revolution Brewing tailgate 5pm-7pm for beer & snacks c/o our gracious hosts.
4:15 Logan Square
4:40 Belmon & Lakefront
4:50 North Ave & Lakefront
4:45 Promontary point

Wells Wentworth Connector – Bike Jam

07/13/2023 5:30pm

Tom Ping Memorial Park
5:30 meet
6:00 roll

Ukrainian Village Bike Jam

07/05/2023 5:30pm

Ready to jam it up in Ukrainian Village? Join us Wednesday at 5:30pm at the Northeast corner of Smith Park. We’ll be riding together at 4mph, all wheels welcome! Roll out at 6pm.

See you tomorrow morning on our Bike Bus to Friday Morning Swim Club! Rolling from the NE corner of Horner Park at 6:30am.

06/16/2023 6:30pm

Orrrr, join the soft launch of CBGN’s Friday Morning Fish Club! We’ll be at Cafe Jumping Bean @ 6:30am to roll to 31st St Beach. Swim! Fish! Hangout!

It’s time we Reimagine the Lakefront.

06/16/2023 5:30pm

Our parks and streets belong to the people so we’re gonna take them back.

Join us for a 4mph group ride from Daley Plaza this Friday at 5:30pm as we jam it up for Chicago’s Front Yard and our Lakefront.

One Year Anniversary Bike Jam!

06/10/2023 5:30pm

Join us on Saturday, June 10th, at 5:30pm as we celebrate one year of community, activism, and jamming it up!

Join our Bike Buses as we roll to the Loop together, or meet us there! You won’t want to miss…