We're more than 100 organizers strong. These are the people who power Bike Grid Now.

Ben Harvey

(he / him)

Ben grew up in sprawling, car-dependent North Dakota. After graduating college and learning about urban design, he moved to Chicago. He enjoys programming, Dungeons and Dragons, oxford commas and his daily bike commute. Ben hopes to make Chicago safer, more equitable, and an example of how urbanism can be done in the US.

Carl Beien

(he / him)

Carl is a car free family man and lifelong Chicago resident. Carl advocates for safe streets so that all forms of mobility are treated with dignity, starting with the most vulnerable.

A road bike with drop bars and the words "Raleigh" and "Marathon" on it.

Chris Gentry

(he / they)

Chris is a transit advocate and debate coach working all across Chicago! He drinks far too much tea, loves board games and has the best cinnamon roll recipe in Chicago. You can catch him driving the South Halstead bike bus!

Emily Wilson

(she / her)

Emily grew up in Chicagoland not knowing anything other than car-dependency, except for riding her hand-me-down bike to school, the Forest Preserve, and to her friends’ houses. Emily believes all Chicagoans deserve access to public spaces that spark joy and bring people closer together.

A blue bike with drop bars lying against a wall mural of a heart.

Erin Kwiatkowski

(they / she)

Erin is a Type II Fun addict and a mobility justice advocate working to build a climate-resilient Chicago. They practice cycling as pleasure activism. Roll out with them on the Milwaukee Bike Bus every week! 💙

A bike with a bookcase behind it.


(he / him)

A mole in the belly of the beast (mechanic at Divvy)

A gray Trek bike on a sidewalk with two bags and a pannier.

Maciej “Nova” Wojtasik

(he / him)

Maciej is an accountant and a big believer in doing something when he sees a problem.
You’ll see him zipping around as a marshal at jams. When he isn’t working or jamming he’s biking an unreasonable amount of miles all over the Chicagoland area.

A bike on the CTA with a Bike Grid Now poster on its back side.

Nate Hutcheson

(he / him)

Nate grew up in rural / suburban Ohio, where driving is the only option, but has called Chicago home for 25 years. Nate now visits the Netherlands often, where his wife’s family is from, and appreciates how much better life can be when biking and walking are safe and enjoyable options. Nate envisions a Chicago with the same kind of safety and freedom for his two daughters.

An e-bike on a street with fallen leaves.


(he / him)

Nihal has been in Chicago since 2016, and has grown increasingly concerned with the environmental effects that will be felt in the years to come from the current car-centric infrastructure that is being built in a city which needs to start getting serious about it’s climate goals. He is a semi regular on the North Halsted Bus, and hopes that a more people centric city can become the default for Chicago in our future.

A white bike with a helmet sitting on grass by the Chicago lakefront at sunset.

Niko Gamarra

(he / him)

Big train nerd and enjoyer of all modes of getting around that do not involve a car. An engineer that enjoys tinkering with custom circuity for lights and horns on bikes.

Olin Postlethwait


Olin is an extroverted South Sider who loves riding a bike on his work commute, to Sox games, and to explore Chicago or the surrounding area on two wheels. He was inspired by his first Bike Jam to get more involved with Bike Grid Now and his city’s government to make safe spaces for everyone in the city. Wave hello to him on the S Halsted Bike Bus, Bike Jams around the city, and other CGBN events or direct actions.

Rony Islam

(he / him)

Rony is a car-free Chicagoan who loves to connect with people, enjoy life, and foster cats without the burden of car ownership and with the joy of biking. Rony believes that the most vulnerable in our society need to be thought of when designing our cities and public spaces. You can find Rony at the intersection of social equity, transportation, urban planning, and data.


(she / her)

Sammy grew up dreaming of taking the “L” every day to an office in the Loop. Now she works in the office twice a week in River West and bikes there. Bike-commuting for Sammy has been equally joyful and easy as scary and frustrating. She hopes that she can one day experience a Chicago that cares more about moving people than moving cars.

Sophee Langerman

(she / her)

Sophee is a bike rider, environmental justice organizer, and advocate for equitable and accessible infrastructure. She is passionate about coalition building through engaging local officials and community partners. Sophee is a bike marshal for the the weekly S Halsted bike bus, and other CBGN direct action tactics.